• Simon Jones

When you're asked to photograph the PM

Last week I was asked to photograph Prime Minister Theresa May while she held a meeting. The point of this blog isn't to brag (although it was quite a proud moment) but rather to explain the importance of capturing 'working' photos for behind-the-scenes marketing.

Mrs May is conducting a meeting in this photo and keen on getting her point across, so waiting for the right moment (when she's using both hands to emphasis her point) is important to convey what's actually happening.

The reflection works well on the table and the whole setting is appropriate for someone who's leading a country.

What always strikes me about photographing VIPs is just how normal they are too. Sounds obvious but it's easy to overlook that they experience many of the same things that you and I go through too.

You'll note I'm not mentioning Brexit in this post. I don't think there's any need to at all...


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