• Simon Jones

Staff photography in London (Jan 2017)

You might not know 'Express Medicals' because they're not exactly a High Street brand. But they're one of those companies that helps to keep our country and our economy going behind the scenes without us even realising it. And actually, that's not surprising; most people work for companies that we probably haven't heard of.

But whatever company you work for, whether it's Google, Gap or GTC Ltd (I made up that last one) everyone should be projecting a professional image. And that means professional looking photos too.

And that even means the same for you if you're a sole trader. In fact, it's even more important.

So even if you ask a friend to take some decent photos of you, make sure you have them instead of getting stock images from some faceless company in the USA. Everyone knows what a stock image looks like. And they scream out the wrong message to your potential customers.


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