• Simon Jones

Professional headshots photography in London (Mar 2017)

Having a professional headshot is crucial when you're managing investments on behalf of your clients. Which is why March 2017 has been all about working with stockbroker firms in London and the north of England. The set-up we chose was straightforward but effective. A simple, yet flattering, lighting choice with all photos taken in meeting rooms at each business location.

Taking photos at a company premises is essential for ensuring minimum disruption for each employee. Also, keeping the shooting time as brief as possible also means less time away from their desks. This is important for every business but all the more for companies where time is money.

It's also important to check that each person is happy with their photo prior to them leaving the shoot location, to the point of choosing their favourite image with each person so they receive a shot their 100% happy with.

Great for updating a LinkedIn profile picture too... :)


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