• Simon Jones

Photography at Facebook's London office (Feb 2016)

Working with Facebook is good fun. They are the most forward thinking company I have ever worked with and the energy in the place is immense. But one of the most interesting features of the company is the way Management provide everything that the staff would need, usually without any cost.

So, every morning people arrive at work and take their breakfast in the canteen, the coolest and funkiest of all canteens throughout the world. The food choices are excellent and it's all free.

The same goes for lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day (but it's interesting that most people choose the healthy options...)

And the recruitment process at Facebook genuinely does what every HR department knows their own company should be doing. They hire the best people, regardless of which country they're from, what language they speak and hold they are. They're so much more focused on whether you can do the job and whether you're a good team fit.

All in all, an amazingly refreshing place. Ten out of ten Facebook!


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