• Simon Jones

Office corporate photography in Bedfordshire (Sep 2015)

Every office wants to present itself in the best possible way and often that simply means capturing it while it's operating throughout a normal day. That was the case with iD-Secured, a company in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfrodshire, that needed some excellent coporate photography for its new website and new brochure being designed right now.

When we take corporate photographs in the office for companies we try to keep things as real as possible. For example, it's important to photograh people at their own desks wherever possible; it keeps them relaxed if they're sat in their familiar envornment. But you have to get the right balance by removing things like empty water bottles or a leftover crisp packet (if they're there). Otherwise the viewer's eye is drawn to the distracting elements.

Finally, it's a case of capturing a moment when the office is filled with action but ideally showing off some corporate branding too. Such as a logo on a t-shirt. Perfect!


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