• Simon Jones

How to capture great 'headshots' (Jun 2016)

If you only have a small window of time available but you still want to have a decent headshot, this is how you do it. Gary Cole from Archipelo got in touch because he wanted some high quality headshot photographs of his associates and staff.

Now, I know that Gary is busy. And that means his team are all busy too. So my options for spending lots of time capturing photos in a studio were slim-to-none.

Instead, we took to the streets in London just outside the office they use for meetings. And with no additional lighting or assistants I captured the entire team with images like this in less than one hour.

We're literally stood next to the road on a busy street. The key thing is to use a long lens (mine is a 135mm) with a wide open aperture (this is f/2). And the background is nice and distant which adds to the mushy, out-of-focus background.

If you'd like to create this look yourself and have any questions then just get in touch. We're happy to help with answering any qustions you might have :)


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