• Simon Jones

Facebook HQ London (Sep 2017)

Facebook's London office near Euston is one of the coolest locations in London to work. Sure, they have all those things we often hear about with hi-tech social media companies (bean bags, sleep pods, endless supplies of snacks for free) but that's all on the surface. The real excitement is the culture.

Because the culture at Facebook's London office is just totally and utterly positive. Nothing is ever a bad idea, nothing is negative, and the talent that people bring to the company originates from countries all over the world.

This is a business that doesn't discriminate in any way at all. Just nothing. Apart from being good at what you do! Diversity is broad and wide because people there recognise the person on the inside and pays no attention to skin colour or country of origin.

If you ever get the chance to visit I highly recommend it.


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