• Simon Jones

Entrepreneur Nick Lloyd (Feb 2017)

This is Nick, a local entrepreneur and also a good friend. Nick is one of those people who's connected to a gazillion people and is always having great ideas popping out of his mind. He also wishes there was 5 of him so he could execute all of his ideas as fast as possible. But that said, he gets a lot done. An amazing amount actually.

Nick called me because he needed some photos of himself for his latest project. He's got a stack of images already but he wanted some more to separate himself from everything else. So he gave me a call.

He's in a meeting here, dressed up looking smart and being his usual animated self. But this is a serviced office and there's no-one else in the room. Which goes to show how easy it can be to get shots like this. We were in and out of this meeting room in about 8 minutes. And we also got some shots of him presenting too.

So think about how your images are looking and don't forget that it doesn't have to be complicated to get photos of you which send out the right message.

Let me know what you think :)


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