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Corporate headshots photography (Jul 2017)

Gamma Telecom is a major player in the provision of services to the telecoms industry, allowing other companies to rebadge their products and sell them. They provide resellers with everything they need to make a tidy profit.

And that means they also need decent photographs of their staff, something that all companies should have actually...

When Gamma got in touch they explained they needed new photos for staff to use on their LinkedIn profiles. We all know the importance of the right social media channel in business so portraying a professional appearance to the outside world becomes increasingly important.

But it also gave us the chance to capture some team photos too, even if they all look like something out of The Apprentice!

The location we chose was on the balcony of Gamma's UK Head Office in London. The weather was cloudy which allows us to shoot from almost any angle which meant I could choose the best background (in this case an arracy of London buildings in and around the city.)



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