• Simon Jones

Corinthia Hotel with Tony Blair (Oct 2015)

The Corinthia Hotel in Central London is one of the finest venues in town. Built in 1885 and just a stone's throw from Trafalgar Square and the River Thames it's also in one of the easiest to access locations too. Every year the Milken Institute in Santa Monica hosts an event in London for some of the leading figures in our time. Which is why Tony Blair was invited to join them for one of the elements of the conference.

Mr Blair is no stranger to being in front of the camera but the key to getting excellent corporate photography with a notable figure is tricky for the untrained photographer, trying to balance the needs of the client with respect for the VIP in attendance. There are two key factors in getting the 'money' shot. Firstly, it's important to anticipate what's about to happen instead of simply reacting to what's happening right now. Doing this allows the photographer to be in the right place at the right time, capturing the shot in a single click instead of rattling off endless clicks in the hope of getting one that works.

Keeping an eye on everyone around you is key. Where are they stood and where will they most likely walk to ten seconds from now. It enables you to predict where the VIP will most likely stand and which direction they'll face.

The second factor is knowing your gear like it's your best friend. This means you can change your shutter speed, aperture, ISO or flash power without even looking, knowing what you need to do to get the shot that your client needs.

The image below meets the clients needs as Mr Blair is smiling at the company's CEO while another senior Director is included in the shot on the far right-hand side.


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